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Revolutionize Journalism with NewsStand.AI from Thales Labs

Provide your newsroom and audiences with NewsStand.AI, a toolset that seeks to help newsrooms innovate, research and report and engages audiences with personalized news experiences. 


Improve Newsroom Productivity X8 With

Give news staff editorial AI tools to increase accuracy and depth while unleashing a massive increase in news content production and innovation. Drive loyalty, subscriptions and revenue by offering audiences SmartStories(TM) in their own language and tailored to their own needs and interests. 

Thales Labs provides pioneering AI-driven solutions that bring a renaissance to the news industry – a renaissance of production, accuracy, personalization and the value of information.

Powered by custom logic and large language models from OpenAI, LLaMa, Anthropic’s Claude and opensource, Thales’ NewsStand.AI journalism tools are designed by journalists for journalists and finely tuned to delight, teach and entertain audiences.

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News Values 

  • We believe strongly in the principle that any AI tool generating authentic news content needs professional oversight and verification. 

News Production

  • Transform original, human reporting into scores of news stories formatted automatically for a range of platforms and audience interests. What used to take news staffers hours can now be produced in seconds. Our tools also entertain by generating word games and quizzes readers love, keeping your customers engaged. 

More Innovation & Revenue 

  • NewsStand.AI's tools allow newsroom innovation at a massive scale allowing new product and concept development without the usual staffing limitations. 

New Audiences

  • Offer your original news stories in multiple languages with a single click. Reach new users who crave news information in innovative, convenient and highly consumable formats.

True Personalization 

  • SmartStories(TM) that know their readers is our goal. Why deliver the same story to everyone? AI takes your core reporting and forms the news into information that matters to each and every audience member and subscriber.

A Personal Information Advantage

  • NewsStand.AI tools can give audiences new insights, new learnings and understanding, all based on your original reporting. News should give each reader a personal information advantage. NewsStand.AI will deliver on that goal for your audiences.

You've made it this far. Let's take it to the next level, contact us to schedule a NewsStand.AI  demo.

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