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Revolutionize Due Diligence with Thales Labs AI

Unleash Exceptional Efficiency and Precision

Modern Structure

Improve Productivity X4 With Thales Labs AI

Increase Productivity, Improve Decision Making, and manage your risk

Thales Labs provides pioneering AI-driven solutions to empower Analysts, Investors, and Compliance Officers for exceptional efficiency and accuracy.

Powered by large language models from: Open AI's GPT4,  Meta's LLaMA, Anthropic's Claude  with Thales's Due Diligence fine tunning layers

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Documentation Management

  • Improve efficiency in managing due diligence documents with automatic processing and categorization of forms, supporting documents, and correspondence.

  • Provide summarized insights from investigation reports, expert opinions, and legal documents for due diligence professionals to assess the validity and completeness of information.

Due Diligence Reviews

  • Streamline access and understanding of due diligence terms, conditions, exclusions, and endorsements through automated extraction and summarization. - For Analysts, Investors, Compliance Officers

Risk Assessment

  • Enhance risk analysis by assisting in the evaluation of due diligence documents and supporting materials, extracting pertinent information, and highlighting potential risk factors.

Contract Analysis

  • Determine parties' rights and obligations in contract cases by reviewing legal documents, agreements, and contractual provisions.

Risk Management and Compliance

  • Provide concise, actionable insights from risk assessment reports, audit documents, and compliance recommendations.

  • Assist clients in implementing effective risk management strategies by extracting industry best practices, guidelines, and standards from various sources.

Enhance Reserach

Unlock unparalleled research advancements with our AI-powered enhanced capabilities

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